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Architectural Diagrams of Famous Film Interiors

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Scott & Zelda married on this day in 1920.

You and I have been happy; we haven’t been happy just once, we’ve been happy a thousand times. The chances that spring, that’s for everyone, like in the popular songs, may belong to us too — the chances are pretty bright at this time because as usual, I can carry most of contemporary literary opinion, liquidated, in the hollow of my hand — and when I do, I see the swan floating on it and — I find it to be you and you only…. Forget the past — what you can of it, and turn about and swim back home to me, to your haven for ever and ever — even though it may seem a dark cave at times and lit with torches of fury; it is the best refuge for you — turn gently in the waters through which you move and sail back….

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Well this is too much to handle right now.

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~   Adam Fitzgerald, from an interview in OmniVerse (via wwnorton)


Witch Light by Sol Stock:

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Social order at the expense of liberty is hardly a bargain. — Marquis de Sade

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~   Sigmund Freud (via mbacani)

this poem by spencer madsen now has 100,000+ notes !! a viral poem this is fantastic

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Niagara Falls, 1958

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